How to promote and promote the brand?
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How to promote and promote the brand?

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Brand promotion has been divided into four stages of development: introduction, growth, heyday and decline. The proposal of these four stages will have a lot of practical significance for the enterprise's brand promotion.

Brand-width: refers to the degree of Brand influence in the market.

Brand Depth: refers to the degree of Brand influence in consumers' mind, mainly including Brand reputation and Brand loyalty.

 1. Brand width promotion stage:

Promotion objective: to establish brand awareness.

Promotion strategy: strong build, mandatory irrigation.

Promotion methods: advertising, activity and event dissemination.

This stage is mainly through some traditional promotion methods, through publicity, dissemination of the brand, let the majority of consumers understand, know the basic connotation of the brand: products, brand culture, etc., is a primary communication with consumers.

 2. In-depth brand promotion stage:

Purpose: let the brand go deep into the hearts of people (consumers).

Promotion objective: to improve brand reputation, brand loyalty and brand sales force.

Promotion strategy: deep interaction, innovation communication.

 Innovation is the life of planning, especially in the depth of brand promotion stage, to achieve in-depth interaction with consumers, let consumers from the heart experience, recognition, acceptance of the brand, brand culture, we must find a unique way, bold innovation, so as to improve the sales force of the brand.

  Promotion method 1: establish brand culture bar and implement customer interaction.

Specific operations: enterprises can build their own in busy areas, or cooperate with various bars, coffee houses and other places to comprehensively promote brand culture, so that consumers can have a deep understanding and understanding of brand culture, feel the brand culture atmosphere, and promote with the help of consumer word of mouth.

  Promotion method 2: improve staff management and implement staff interaction.

Specific operation: every employee is a living advertisement for corporate brand promotion. The enterprise can first reach a "communication source" from within the enterprise through the implementation of employee stock ownership and employees' learning of corporate culture. By virtue of employees' recognition of corporate culture, brand culture can be spread in life and work.

  Promotion method 3: enrich brand culture and establish emotional factors between brand and consumers.

Specific operation: take brand culture as the purpose, shape the brand story that can move target consumers, get consumers' recognition and move, make the brand culture vivid, image, enrich, make it widely spread, win people's hearts and win the market.


 3. Brand maintenance stage:

Tenet: maintain brand height.

Strategy: width promotion + depth promotion

  According to statistics, it takes at least 3-5 years to promote a famous brand abroad, and the annual investment after the brand reaches a certain popularity also needs at least 10 million dollars to maintain. After the brand reaches a certain height, it needs to maintain the brand, so that the brand can always maintain its youth and vitality and market competitiveness.

  In short, brand promotion only to find the "right" consumer and brand emotional entry point and ignition point, and consumer spiritual dialogue, reach resonance, can greatly improve the effect of high brand promotion, reduce the cost of promotion. From the perspective of needs, motivations, feelings and perceptions, and attitudes of consumers, it is not difficult to find a good method for brand promotion to improve brand sales power and solve problems by quickly capturing and finding, positioning and analyzing emotional factors of customers.

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